Saturday, 1 October 2011

You're already using cloud computing without even knowing it...

If you use online banking, access to an email service like Hotmail or Gmail or SaaS "software as a service" applications like Salesforce, etc. Then you are already using Cloud services.

Many businesses are moving to the Cloud computing because it frees them from having to install, maintain and upgrade expensive, overblown PCs that cost a LOT to maintain. It also makes added and removing users (or employees) quick and easy since you simply pay for what you use each month and nothing more.

Other advantages include unlimited storage, automatic backups, higher-level of security and the ability to access your business systems from any device anywhere. Plus, cloud-based networks don’t require the on-going maintenance that traditional server-workstation networks require.

However not every application or situation is suited for the Cloud. While many LOB (line-of-business) applications still can’t be hosted in the cloud and require a commercial grade Internet connection with a backup such as a DSL or cable, there’s no doubt that cloud computing is here to stay.

Advances are being made rapidly to make it the better solution for most businesses. Of course were here to help you understand your options and the pros and cons.

If you want to know if cloud computing is right for you, call us for a free, no-pressure, no-obligation cloud readiness assessment. We’ll evaluate your current situation and provide insights and options for moving to the cloud.

We’ll also answer any questions you have and tell you the unvarnished pros and cons of choosing this option.

Call us at 0845 450 3669 (option 2) or Click here>> Cloud Computing Bristol Bath & UK to have one of our friendly experts contact you to discuss further.

Happy Cloud Computing!

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